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Remote Work

by Daniela Denisse Michel Haro / Landmark Associates Inc. / Work / 17/07/19

For some years now and today, we are facing an increase and transformation of the workplace due to technology. This workplace shift brings with it a number of new opportunities that promote both flexibility and productivity. This shift is commonly referred to as “Remote Working”.

Nearly everyone has had the dream of being our own boss and having work schedule flexibility. Many people want to spend more time with family or travel more frequently, these are some of the things that work remotely offers you, and the good news is that now you can do it easily because remote work is on the rise. This working culture is becoming a trend and mainstream, that´s why many companies have joined and supported its growth

How do we define remote working?

Remote working is a working style that allows persons to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully. People have the flexibility to manage their days so that their professional and personal lives can be connected but at the same time can take full advantage for the two for separated.

Another advantage of having this working style is that there are many areas in which people can do it and they also have the opportunity to choose which is the one best fits their skill set.

Some remote workers take full advantage of these opportunities. On top of being able to set their schedules, they are able to work whenever they feel most productive or creative, it gives  the freedom to leave traditional routines behind in an effort to open their minds, achieve greater global understanding and expand their professional network.

Why would someone choose to work outside of an office environment?

There are many benefits of remote work for both workers and employers, including:

• Flexible lifestyle

The most obvious reason for why people want to work remotely is because it offers them a more flexible lifestyle. When they aren’t required to be in an office during a set time frame, they don’t have a schedule so remote workers can focus on the things that matter to them outside of the office. Another reason that accompanies this is that some workers want to continue with their education and this allows them to carry it out.
• Better health

Remote workers are notably less stressed than their in-office counterparts. Happier, healthier workers produce better work and feel more committed to their companies.

• Passion / interest for the job

Remote workers tend to do their best work outside of the office. They are more inspired by the external world that surround us. In fact, the opportunity to work remotely alone brings a new perspective.

• Better opportunities
Previously we have commented that remote work brings better opportunities because you can have the best of both worlds, people can continue with their lives, but also they can have a job that works along side it.
• Higher productivity and effort
One of the strongest arguments for remote work is the increased productivity that comes with its flexibility. Remote workers are more likely to put in extra effort in their jobs, going above and beyond to get their work done in comparison to in-office workers, .
• Cost savings
Being a remote worker gives many benefits to the companies that use remote workers because they don’t have to invest as much in office furniture or even an offic

Persons with Health Challenges

Another benefit is that persons with health challenges can be fully engaged in the workforce as a remote worker.

If a remote worker is also a parent, he or she has the ability to start work earlier in the day so that he or she can be present when the children get home from school or take time off during the day for other family commitments.

The world is in constant movement and technology can enable new modes of work. These new styles of work will continue to help us to make the future a better place with better opportunities for all.

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