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Using AtlasTI for qualitative data analysis

You can access Atlas TI Cloud from the website 

Click here to login.

 Once you have entered click “Create a new project”  and add the information for your project

Give a name to your project. You can also give a description and a specific color for each of your projects. 

Start adding your data to continue to your analysis. Every Atlas TI project is comprised of documents. This refers to any source of information you’re going to be analyzing. Add your documents by clicking “Add Document”. 

Codes are tags that you will associate to your different segments off information, so that you can analyze and organize all of your data.

Memos are notebooks you can use to note down any ideas or analytic insights 

Quoations are the actual segment of data that you are going to go trough selecting asyou read trough your documents. 

Generating quotations using codes and adding comments across your documents place a central role in your qualitative analysis process. To create a quotation highlight relevant text for your research topic. Choose from an existing quote or add a new one. You can also add a comment to reflect on a quotation. 

You can create quotes for words, the full sentence or the  full paragraph.

Once you have finished analyzing your research and adding quotes, memos and more, you may visit the quotation manager. There you will find the number of paragraphs, sentences or words you quoted with the same name. By clicking on one of them you will see a detailed list of the sections you quoted with that word.

Congratulations you are now able to use AtlasTI for qualitative data analysis!

Go to our portal and start transcribing your audio files today. Download your transcripts and start analyzing them in AtlasTI Cloud. 

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us at (480) 922-1105.


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