Enhancing Project Visibility and Management

Dr. R led a major research project on early childhood education and cognitive development, needing an efficient way to monitor file uploads and project progress.


Dr. R, a Principal Investigator (PI) at a distinguished university, was leading a critical research project on the effects of early childhood education on cognitive development.

The project involved a large team of researchers, data collectors, analysts, and administrative staff.

Dr. R needed a streamlined way to oversee the project’s progress, particularly to monitor file uploads and completions.


Before implementing our new Teams feature, Dr. R encountered several challenges

  • • It was difficult for Dr. R to keep track of the number of files uploaded and completed by her team.
  • • Frequent check-ins were required to get updates, leading to major delays.
  • • Ensuring that only authorized team members had access to specific data was a significant concern.
  • • Assigning and managing roles for a large team was complex and time-consuming.


Landmark Associates introduced a new feature that allowed Dr. R to create a dedicated research team with customized roles and permissions, enhancing visibility and management of the project.

  • ✔ Dr. R assigned specific roles to team members:
    • • Data Collectors: Granted access to upload new data files.
    • • Data Analysts: Given access to download and analyze the uploaded files.
    • • Administrative Assistants: Limited to accessing invoices and administrative documents.
  • ✔ Dr. R was added to the research team with full visibility of all activities, including file uploads and completions.
  • ✔ The new feature provided Dr. R with a dashboard showing real-time updates on the number of files uploaded and their status.
  • ✔ Only team members with assigned roles could access relevant data, ensuring data security.
  • Placeholder Image Customized Role Management: Enhance Team Efficiency with Targeted Permissions and Roles


Dr. R improved her early childhood education project by forming a dedicated team with specific roles, using a dashboard to track progress in real-time, and enhancing communication to reduce frequent check-ins.

  • ✔ Created a dedicated team for the project with clearly defined roles and access permissions.
  • ✔ Used the dashboard to monitor real-time progress, including the number of files uploaded, processed, and completed.
  • ✔ Reduced the need for frequent check-ins by relying on the dashboard for updates.

Placeholder Image Experience the efficiency of our dashboard, designed to simplify your workflow and optimize productivity


Landmark Associates' new feature significantly improved Dr. R project by providing real-time visibility, increasing efficiency, enhancing data security, and improving team coordination through clear role assignments.

  • ✔ Dr. R had real-time visibility into the project’s progress, with a clear view of file uploads and completions.
  • ✔ The team operated more efficiently, with reduced need for manual updates and check-ins.
  • ✔ Only authorized personnel accessed sensitive data, maintaining high levels of security.
  • ✔ Clear role assignments streamlined the workflow and improved team coordination.

The new feature from Landmark Associates significantly enhanced Dr. R ability to manage and oversee her research project. By providing real-time visibility into file uploads and completions, the feature ensured efficient project management and improved data security.

This case study highlights the feature’s effectiveness in facilitating seamless project oversight and management in complex research environments.

How could this feature improve the visibility and management of your research projects?