Landmark Affiliate Rewards

Earn from each referral you send. Partner with a brand trusted by the research community.

Become a Landmark Affiliate
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What is the Landmark Affiliate Rewards Program About?

The Landmark Affiliate Rewards Program is designed to help you earn commissions by spreading
the word about a service you already trust and use.

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If your referral has a project worth $5,000,
your reward will be $250.

  • ✔ Generous Commisions:

    Earn up to 5% commission for each referral.

  • ✔ Reliable Payments:

    Receive timely payments directly to your PayPal account.

  • ✔ Easy Tracking:

    Use our advanced tracking system to monitor your earnings.

  • ✔ Dedicated Support:

    Access to a personal account manager for any assistance you need.

  • ✔ Comprehensive Materials:

    Instant access to promotional materials to help you succeed.

Earn Rewards Every Time with Landmark Affiliate Rewards!

Get rewarded every time your referee uploads files or uses any service on our
platform. No limits on the number of referrals or the amount you can earn

Payments and Affiliate Program Overview


Your earnings are credited to your Landmark account, where they accumulate.

You can request a transfer to your PayPal account anytime, with no minimum withdrawal limit.

Funds are credited to your PayPal within 1 business day of the request.


You can invite anyone not already registered with Landmark. This includes friends, family, colleagues, or anyone who might benefit from our services.

Please avoid spamming invites, spam reports can lead to account suspension. We take spam reports seriously to maintain the integrity and quality of our community.


With our Affiliate Program, share your affiliate link or embed our widget on your site.

Your referees simply need to add your email to their account as the referrer.

You'll earn a 5% reward per order they place, credited when services are delivered.

Unlock Limitless Earnings with Landmark Affiliate Rewards!

Earn from your referrals and join a program
trusted by professional researchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is earning rewards by promoting another company's products or services. You earn a percentage of sales from your referrals.

Whom should I contact if I have questions about Landmark Rewards?

For questions, please contact you Account Manager or send us an email

Is the Landmark Rewards program only for new accounts?

Yes, the Landmark Rewards program is designed specifically for new accounts. To ensure you receive credit for your referrals, make sure your referees create a new account and add your email as the referrer during the signup process.

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate in your program?

No, joining our affiliate program is completely free.

Can I earn rewards on my uploads?

No, you cannot earn rewards on your own uploads. The Landmark Rewards program is designed to provide earnings from referrals only.

Where may I place these affiliate links on my site?

You can place the affiliate links on any page of your website, blog, or social media channels where they will be visible to your audience.

How does Landmark Rewards work?

Referees add your email as the referrer. Earn 5% rewards on each order they place, with no limits on referrals or earnings.

How would Landmark know who are my referrals?

Your referrals can create an account and simply add your email as the referrer. Landmark tracks your referrals through these emails as well as through unique referral links and widgets containing special codes. This information is logged in our system, ensuring you receive credit for every referral and the corresponding rewards. You can monitor the performance of your referral links through our advanced tracking system in your affiliate dashboard.