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Selecting a Payment Method

Read this guide if you would like to know more about our various payment methods and which one might be the one for your convenience. If you are still not sure about how our billing system works, make sure you have read the article My Invoices.

At Landmark we accept all different forms of payment to accommodate your project’s needs. Our most common payment methods are:


Our most popular payment method. Already registered to several universities and research institutions, this payment method is seamless and the perfect fit for institutional grants or University financing.

Online Payment (Stripe)

We accept online payments with credit or debit card. We utilize the most secure Online Payment Gateway that provides the technical, prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate online payment systems.


You can mail your checks to our office at 2701 East Thomas Road, Suite H. In Phoenix, AZ 85016

Now that you are familiar with our payment methods you may return to your account by clicking here and proceed with your transcription request.

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