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Free – All languages

For qualitative researchers and teams that need a secure and easy to use platform to manage their files.


Available Features

  • Special discount on your first transcript
  • SSL Data Encryption
  • Friendly live support team

Standard – English

For projects with 1-on-1 interviews or single speakers.

Starting at $1.69 per minute

Available Features

  • Speaker Tracking
  • Standard Language Capture

Plus – English

Group interviews with more than 2 speakers or special formatting instructions (e.g. strict-verbatim, time-stamping, or speaker identification).

Starting at $2.49 Per minute

Available Features

  • Speaker Tracking
  • Strict-Verbatim Language
  • Time-stamps (every 5 min.)
Prices listed above refer to “Standard English Transcription” and “Plus English Transcription”. Prices may be affected by specific features or foreign language translations. Please contact us for more information.

Formatting examples

Files are  accepted in all formats of audio/video.

Audio Sample
Strict-Verbatim Language Capture
Word-for-word capture including all non-verbal sounds or fillers such as um’s, ah’s, uh’s as well as stutters, stammers, repetitions and false starts.

Non Verbatim Language Capture

Not word-for-word capture. Intelligently capturing the meaning by removing all filler words (umm, uhh, ahh, hmm, etc.) as well as false starts, repetitions and stutters. 

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