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From creating a ticket until getting your transcripts.
A Step by Step Guide.

Read this Step by Step Guide if you are not yet familiar with the process of uploading your audios, setting them up your and requesting a transcript.

Click here to Create a Free Account just as shown below.

We will send you an email with your Account Information in order for you to start uploading your Files immediately. 

On top of your dashboard click on “Tickets”.  You will then be directed to a window as the one shown below,  click on “Create a New Ticket” to start uploading your file. 

You will then be directed to a window as the one shown below, from which you will be requested to fill in the specifications for your audio.

For more information about the specifications, click on the “Plus” icon.

The title desired for your Transcription.

• Standard ( 3-5 Business Day)

• Second Day Business Rush

• One Day Business Rush

For audios with more than one speaker ivolved

This option lets you put your audio on your desired folder. If you do not yet have a folder click on create a new folder, after that place your audio into your desired folder.

First select the original language of your audio. On the second column , select the desired Language Capture for your transcript. 

If this option is selected you will be asked to specify the exact time of start and end of your transcription. 

Word, Pdf, Docx, etc. 

Once your ready specifying your requirements click on “Next” to start choosing your format.

For more information about the specifications, click on the “Plus” icon.
Strict Verbatim- Word-for-word capture including all non-verbal sounds or fillers
Standard Language Capture – Not word-for-word capture, removing all filler words: umm, uhh, ahh, hmm, etc.
For 3 or more persons in the recording)
Click on “Choose file” and select your audio file directly from your local desktop. Once you are ready click “Upload”.
You will then be redirected to a page with your audio name and the possibility of uploading more audios or continuing to review your final ticket.
Review your Audio File and the main specifications you chose before, after completion, click “Submit to Landmark”.

Click on “View Ticket” to see your Ticket. On top you will see the Status of your Transcription.Being transcribed, being reviewed or complete.

Read our guides invoicing and payment methods for information on each topic. If you need assistance to upload your audios you can contact us at (480) 922-1105.


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