Human transcription services for all your Zoom interviews/ focus groups!

Human powered transcription services for all your Zoom, Webex and Teams interviews or focus groups with over 99% accuracy guaranteed.

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Typing and listening to an audio file while transcribing or hiring an automatic service, leaves room for mistakes.

Since 1987, we have been a leading provider of human transcription services with a focus on serving the academic and qualitative research markets. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely transcripts for our researchers, so they can realize the maximum value of their efforts.

Learn how to use Zoom for interview recordings

This Step by Step Guide will walk you through the process of scheduling a Zoom meeting, how to record your Zoom meeting and how to download your recording from Zoom.

Zoom videos can be quite big - Save time by extracting its audio.

Zoom recordings can be quite big, making it difficult for researchers to handle their data quickly and accurately.

Win hours of your day by extracting the audio from your video files in less than 5 minutes.

Do you already have a completed transcript, yet you are not satisfied with the result? 

Learn more about our  proofing services▸
( If you hired us for your transcription project, the proofing service has already been included)

Trusted by over 4,000 researchers across 4 continents.

We have transcribed and translated media recordings for over all top U.S research universities, numerous United States government agencies and research focused non-profit organizations.

Here is a list of universities we have worked with in the past.

Frequently asked questions

Files are  accepted in all formats of audio/video, including .mp3,.msv, .wma .mp4, .mov, .wm

Yes. We believe security and privacy is a basic human right. That’s why security and privacy by Default are the guiding principles for us in everything we do as a company.

Our system was designed based on the best practices of other leading technology firms and offers our clients the best environment for their data.

We do follow HIPAA requirements, our secure platform will maintain all your files confidential and all our staff has completed training regarding protecting human research participants; we are more than happy to sign a business associate agreement. if you send it my way I will send it back executed as soon as possible.
Of course! We do have a non-disclosure agreement. However, if you have another one you can send it over and we will send it back to you executed.
Yes, we transcribe and translate audios in over 25 languages including spanish, french, chinese, and more.  However our expertise resides within English and Spanish transcriptions and translations. Click here to view a list of all languages available for transcription.
Yes, we do have volume discounts. Please send us an email at so that we can get offer you a special discount.

We specialize in working with qualitative researchers to transform their media files into actionable insights.

Try it for free . NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.

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