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Our easy-to-navigate, online platform (powered by AWS and Salesforce) allows our clients to efficiently create transcript orders. File management tools make it easy to keep track of in-progress projects as access completed transcripts. Chat with our friendly in-person, support team anytime using our online chat feature, email or giving us a call. We are here to help!

Data Security & Confidentiality

Designed based on the best practices of Fortune 500 Company cloud-based technologies, files are protected through multiple layers of encryption. Our policies strictly adhere to HIPAA, CITI, and NIH requirements for handling sensitive, confidential data and stay up-to-date on the best practices and the latest security features to further support the existing system and our client's data security needs.

Quality & Experience

Over 30+ years of experience and knowledge, we guarantee the highest quality of qualitative research transcription and translation that is unparalleled to our competitors. All transcripts are completed by an experienced and professional transcriptionist based in the U.S. We work with over 2,700 qualitative researchers at over 150 major universities all over the nation.

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The Leading Provider of Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

Who We Are

Landmark Associates, Inc. is a modern and reliable transcription business located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Our team's goal is to provide you with quality transcription services in a timely and sustainable manner.

What We Do:

  • Since 1987, Landmark Associates, Inc. has been a leading provider of transcription services with a focus on serving the academic and qualitative research markets.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely completed transcripts at an affordable price, so our customer can realize the maximum value for their dollars.
  • Landmark has completed work for over 80% of the major U.S. Universities, acclaimed Government Agencies and numerous Non-Profit Organizations.
  • Landmark uses modern technological processes to make sure your files are transcribed in an efficient, secure, and quick manner.

Meet the Team

Michael Robey Chairman and President

Michael Robey is the Chairman and President of Landmark Associates. He joined Landmark in late 2009, after discovering the opportunity to help qualitative researchers with their projects. Michael is a lifelong entrepreneur and acts as an adviser/investor to unique and emerging technology-enabled service businesses. Prior to Landmark, he worked in investment banking and graduated in 2003 from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

Jenna Hoban Senior Accounts Manager

Jenna has a degree in Economics from Arizona State University. Before joining Landmark, Jenna worked in client services for a local insurance brokerage. Outside of work, Jenna has an impetuous appetite for travel and outdoor adventures.

Meredith Veto Transcription/Translations Manager

Meredith is a graduate of Guilford College and holds a translation certification from New York University-SCPS. She has a background in journalism and a love of documenting people’s stories and communicating ideas. She’s worked in the translation/transcription industry for nearly a decade, wearing the many hats of project lead, contracts manager, and transcriptionist/translator. Meredith hails from North Carolina and has traveled extensively in Mexico and Spain. She met her husband while teaching English in Mexico, and now calls Guadalajara her home. She plays the piano—a little of everything, from Rachmaninoff to Bacharach—and is an avid reader. She loves exploring nearby towns with her family, and above all, sampling the amazing local cuisine.

Mariela Elizondo Operations Associate

Mariela Elizondo handles Landmark's daily operations and accounting. She is also billingual in English and Spanish. Mariela enjoys culinary experinces and is a trained chef.

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