A Secure Environment for Your Data.

We believe security and privacy is a basic human right. That’s why security and privacy by Default are our guiding principles in everything we do as Landmark.

Our system was designed based on the best practices of other leading technology firms and offers our clients the best environment for their data.



Secure Foundation with Salesforce

Our platform is proudly built on Salesforce, a world leader in cloud-based solutions in a digital landscape where security and reliability are paramount.

  • Data Security Commitment: Salesforce provides strong functionality and a steadfast commitment to data security, a crucial element in our operations.
  • Central to Enhanced Security: Central to our heightened security is Salesforce Shield, a potent tool suite reinforcing data protection and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Seamless Data Safeguarding: Shield's advanced features, including Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail, seamlessly protect your data while maintaining high-performance standards on our platform.

Our adoption of Salesforce Shield reflects our dedication to providing a secure, reliable and trustworthy environment where your data is protected with the utmost care.

Core Features of Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield comprises three key features, each serving a unique and vital role in data protection:

  • Platform Encryption: is our primary defense for data security encrypting sensitive data at rest to ensure security, restrict unauthorized access, and meet regulatory standards.
  • Event Monitoring: tracks user interactions for transparency and accountability. It aids in understanding data usage, detecting security threats, and ensuring authorized access to sensitive information. This ensures a secure environment and provides insights into data management.
  • Field Audit Trail: is crucial for compliance and security by retaining and monitoring historical data for up to 10 years. It offers a comprehensive audit capability to track changes, understand data trends, and maintain an immutable record for audit purposes, ensuring you know the evolution of your data over time.


Salesforce Shield ensures critical data security and compliance on our platform with the highest care and expertise


Our Commitment to Your Data Security

Our commitment to securing your data is reinforced by Salesforce Shield, offering a comprehensive approach to safeguard your information. Here's how we've tailored it to serve you better:

  • Customized Implementation: Tailored Salesforce Shield ensures peak performance and security. Our Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail configurations align with industry best practices and your security requirements.
  • Enhanced User Trust: Salesforce Shield guarantees a secure environment with advanced data protection, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and building crucial trust in today's digital landscape.
  • Proactive Security Measures: We're proactive, not just reactive. Continuously monitoring and updating our security practices in response to emerging threats and industry standards keeps us ahead of potential vulnerabilities, ensuring your data is always protected with the latest security technology.

Your data's security is our top priority, and we are dedicated to preserving its integrity every step of the way.


Fortune 500 technology We utilize the resources of Salesforce and Amazon Web services - The same cloud services used by the CIA, Netflix, and other Fortune 500 companies - to support the data security needs of our researchers.


SSL Data Encryption Each file is encrypted with a unique key, also encrypted by a separate master key that rotates regularly. More about Amazon Web Services Security


We follow the HIPAA Guidelines All Landmark personnel have completed HIPAA training provided by a third-party consulting firm specializing in HIPAA compliance.


PHRP Training - IRB Approval We have completed web-based training on Protecting Human Research Participants and are always willing to work with Institutional Review Board (IRB’s) requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions – Security and Confidentiality

Can you sign a confidentiality agreement?

Yes, you can send it over and we will send it back executed.

I need a non-disclosure agreement. Do you have one?

Of course! We do have a non-disclosure agreement. However, if you have another one you can send it over and we will send it back to you executed.

Do you follow HIPAA guidelines?

We do follow HIPAA requirements, our secure platform will maintain all your files confidential and all our staff has completed training regarding protecting human research participants; we are more than happy to sign a business associate agreement. if you send it my way I will send it back executed as soon as possible.

How can I delete my files from your platform?

If you wish to delete your data from our platform, follow these steps.

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