Dissolve Distance in Research Teams: Collaborate Seamlessly with Landmark Teams

Address fragmented communication and tackle data security concerns head-on.
Landmark Teams provides a unified platform for efficient and secure academic
collaboration, ensuring your research advances without barriers.

Unlock efficient research collaboration

Empower Every Team Member: From administrative assistants to principal investigators

Ensure everyone is connected, informed, and aligned for seamless project progression and reduced miscommunication.

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✔ Project Oversight

Ensure Complete Project Visibility

Eliminate confusion and delays with a clear, real-time overview of your project’s progress, accessible to all team members.

✔ Compliance and Security

Uphold Standards with Confidence

Address security concerns and compliance demands with robust protection and strict adherence to regulatory standards.

✔ Real-Time Interaction

Facilitate Seamless Team Collaboration

Boost productivity by enabling team members to collaborate and communicate directly on the platform in real time.

✔ Custom Roles and Permissions

Tailor Access and Control

Assign specific roles and permissions to each team member, enhancing security and ensuring that everyone has the appropriate access to contribute effectively to your projects.

✔ Integrated File Management

Streamline Access and Organization

Overcome the chaos of scattered files with streamlined uploading and organized, easy access to all project documents.

✔ Project Clarity

No More Guesswork

Instantly understand where your project stands with clear, up-to-date statuses, eliminating any guesswork and ensuring everyone is aligned on progress and objectives.

A Role for Every Research Team Member:
Enhance Your Project's Success





Comprehensive Role Permissions within Our System
Unlocking Potential with Defined Access and Responsibilities for Administrators, Members, Editors, and Billing Personnel
Permissions Administrator
Full management control
Content management
Limited access
Financial aspects
Add/Remove Members
Create/Edit Project Info
View-Only Access
Upload/Download Recordings & Transcripts
Create/Edit Folders
Modify Project Settings
Financial Management
Create/Edit Participants Info

Start Organizing Your Study Now:
Avoid Miscommunication and Delays with Landmark Teams

Ensure everyone stays informed and on track, preventing delays and miscommunication.
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Collaborating Across Multiple Sites?
Control Your Data with Landmark Teams

Are you managing data collection from multiple locations?

Ensure your team stays aligned and maintains control over
who accesses your data.

With Landmark Teams, streamline your multi-site collaborations
and safeguard your information seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

Is there an additional charge for creating a team on the platform?

Creating teams is included with both the Participant Management and Transcription Services at no extra cost. This integration enhances your ability to manage and collaborate efficiently, ensuring comprehensive features without additional fees.

Is there a limit to the number of members I can add to my team?

No, there is no limit on the number of members you can add to your team. Our platform is designed to accommodate teams of any size, allowing you to scale your research efforts as needed without restrictions.

Can I create more than one team on the platform?

Yes, you can create multiple teams on our platform. It is designed to support the management of various teams simultaneously, allowing you to organize and oversee different research projects with ease.

Can I use different sources of payment for each team?

No, it's not a problem. Our platform can accommodate different payment sources for each team, allowing you to manage financials separately and efficiently for your various research groups.

Can the special rate from my university be applied to all my teams on the platform?

Yes, if your university has a special rate, it can be applied to all your teams on the platform. This ensures that every team you create or manage can benefit from the same discounted rate, maintaining consistency and affordability across your projects.

If my research assistants upload files, can I, as the Principal Investigator, know when the files are uploaded and when they are completed?

Yes, as the Principal Investigator (PI), you will receive notifications when files are uploaded and when they are completed. Our platform ensures you stay informed about the progress of your research assistants' work, allowing you to manage and oversee the project effectively.