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Landmark Associates, Inc. is a modern and reliable transcription business solely focused on providing our services to professionals who work with qualitative data.  We have transcribed and translated media recordings for over 80% of U.S research universities and we have worked with numerous United States government agencies and research focused non-profit organizations.

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Transforming audios into timeless quality transcripts

Our team’s goal is to provide researchers, students and professionals with quality transcription services in a timely and sustainable manner.

Delivering the highest quality to the stringent standards

We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and timely completed transcripts for our researchers, so they can realize the maximum value  of their efforts.

Over 32 years of experience

Since 1987, Landmark Associates, Inc. has been a leading provider of transcription services with a focus on serving the academic and qualitative research markets.

We work across industries to help clients transform their audios into professional documents.

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