Empowering Research with Precision Transcription and Translation Services for Priority Populations

By ensuring precise, culturally accurate data capture, we enable researchers to access deeper
insights and overcome disparities. Elevate your research effectiveness and reach with us.

Cultural Nuances Can Transform Meanings and Impact Your Research Outcomes

We employ only professional transcriptionists and translators, surpassing the accuracy AI translations can achieve.

Our experts ensure every nuance is captured, preserving the true intent and cultural integrity of your communications.

Trust us to deliver precision where AI falls short.

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✔ Cultural Sensitivity and Nuance

Human translators and transcriptionists capture cultural and linguistic nuances, accurately conveying intended meanings and emotions that automated tools may overlook.

✔ Match Your Project with the Right Expert

Our service provides specialized transcriptionists for the exact Spanish variant you need. Choose tailored precision and cultural accuracy.

✔ Experience Unmatched Precision

We guarantee 99% accuracy in all our transcription and translation services, ensuring your communications are precise, clear, and effectively tailored to your specific needs.

✔ Advanced Protection with Salesforce Shield

Utilize Salesforce Shield's security to protect your data with extensive monitoring, encryption, and compliance features.

✔ Academic Advantage

Start your academic project with us with no upfront payment and no credit card required. Pay only when your file is ready for budget-friendly access to our services.

✔ Custom Templates

Customize your research with templates that align with your analytical style for seamless data integration and improved accuracy.

Revealing Richer Insights Through Native Language Interviews

Data quality with native language interviews. Participants are more at ease, providing richer, more detailed responses that enhance your research insights.

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Dual Review Guarantee:
Every File Checked by Two Translators for Unsurpassed Accuracy

Spanish - Spanish

Starting at:

$4.99 /per audio minute

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  • Registered Vendor
  • 99% Accuracy or more
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Standard Capture
  • Standard Turnaround Time
    (3-5 business days)
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • HIPAA Trained Staff
  • PHRP Trained Staff
  • All formats accepted

Spanish - English

Starting at:

$6.99 /per audio minute

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  • Registered Vendor
  • 99% Accuracy or more
  • Speaker Tracking
  • Standard Capture
  • Standard Turnaround Time
    (3-5 business days)
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • HIPAA Trained Staff
  • PHRP Trained Staff
  • All formats accepted

Other Languages

Check all available languages:

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Available languages
  • Over 25 languages
  • Professional transcribers and translators
  • Understanding of dialects
  • Translation certificate
  • Database management

Document Translation

Translate with Clarity: Expert Linguistic Services

Expand your reach with translations that resonate and engage.
Trust in our detail-oriented approach to maintain your document’s integrity and confidentiality.

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Ensure accuracy with our translation services. Expert translators maintain analytical integrity and nuances, aiding informed decisions.

PowerPoint Presentations

Capture your audience with precisely translated presentations. Our experts ensure your message's impact and design are delivered seamlessly.

Consent Forms

Ensure clarity and integrity in consent forms. Professional translations uphold ethics and foster trust across languages.


Extend your policies globally with meticulously translated handbooks, ensuring clear guidance that aligns with corporate culture and local regulations.

Published Articles

Amplify global research with our tailored translation services. Our linguists enhance engagement while maintaining scholarly tone.

Grant Applications

Boost your grant application's success with translations that resonate globally. We help clearly convey your vision, tailored to your donors' cultural context.

100% Human Translators

99% Accuracy Guarantee

US-Based Translators

Customized Formatting

Assured Data Security

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How much do you charge for a translation service?

All Professional Document Translations are priced per word. Get a Quote Here

How do you guarantee translation accuracy?

Two different professional translators work on your file to review the accuracy.

What languages do you translate?

We offer translation services for audio in over 25 languages. However, our core expertise lies in English and Spanish transcriptions and translations.

If I need a certificate, can you provide one?

Yes, we can provide you with a Translation Certificate.

Is Landmark secure?

Yes. Security and privacy are core to our operations. Our system, inspired by leading tech industry standards, provides an optimal environment for client data.