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Comprehensive Research Support

We excel in participant management, transcription, and translation for research, offering secure, confidential handling of data.

Precision with Expertise

Working with top research universities and organizations, we deliver over 99% accuracy with our native English-speaking team.

Secure Data Management

Experience secure, efficient data management on our encrypted platform, tailored for researchers' needs.

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Experience Our Services with a Free 2-Hour Sample

Discover Landmark Associates' quality with a free 2-hour transcription sample, showcasing our commitment to quality and precision.


Seize our exclusive offer to experience Landmark Associates' exceptional quality.

Test our transcription services with a free 2-hour sample to enhance your research projects.

This no-obligation trial demonstrates our meticulous care and expertise.

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Our Partners Share Their Research Experiences

Here’s what leading researchers and their institutions say about our exceptional service and commitment to excellence.

“We chose Landmark Associates for our transcription needs because of their impeccable reputation among academic circles. Their dedication to precision and their secure, user-friendly platform made them stand out. The free trial they offered was an excellent opportunity to experience their quality firsthand, which ultimately solidified our decision.” - Landmark User Survey Response, 2023

“Our selection of Landmark Associates was driven by their specialized focus on academic research. Their HIPAA-trained team and commitment to data security, evident through their use of Salesforce Shield, gave us the confidence that our sensitive research data would be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. - Landmark User Survey Response, 2023

“We opted for Landmark Associates primarily for their expertise in qualitative research data. Their impressive accuracy rate and the fact that they work with native English-speaking transcriptionists assured us of the quality we required for our research projects.” - Landmark User Survey Response, 2023

Advanced Security: Salesforce Shield in Action

Landmark Associates ensures data protection using Salesforce Shield's robust security, including encryption and continuous monitoring.


Secure Foundation with Salesforce

Our platform is proudly built on Salesforce, a world leader in cloud-based solutions in a digital landscape where security and reliability are paramount.

  • Data Security Commitment: Salesforce provides strong functionality and a steadfast commitment to data security, a crucial element in our operations.
  • Central to Enhanced Security: Central to our heightened security is Salesforce Shield, a potent tool suite reinforcing data protection and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Seamless Data Safeguarding: Shield's advanced features, including Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail, seamlessly protect your data while maintaining high-performance standards on our platform.

Our adoption of Salesforce Shield reflects our dedication to providing a secure, reliable and trustworthy environment where your data is protected with the utmost care.

Core Features of Salesforce Shield

Salesforce Shield comprises three key features, each serving a unique and vital role in data protection:

  • Platform Encryption: is our primary defense for data security encrypting sensitive data at rest to ensure security, restrict unauthorized access, and meet regulatory standards.
  • Event Monitoring: tracks user interactions for transparency and accountability. It aids in understanding data usage, detecting security threats, and ensuring authorized access to sensitive information. This ensures a secure environment and provides insights into data management.
  • Field Audit Trail: is crucial for compliance and security by retaining and monitoring historical data for up to 10 years. It offers a comprehensive audit capability to track changes, understand data trends, and maintain an immutable record for audit purposes, ensuring you know the evolution of your data over time.

Salesforce Shield ensures critical data security and compliance on our platform with the highest care and expertise


Our Commitment to Your Data Security

Our commitment to securing your data is reinforced by Salesforce Shield, offering a comprehensive approach to safeguard your information. Here's how we've tailored it to serve you better:

  • Customized Implementation: Tailored Salesforce Shield ensures peak performance and security. Our Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail configurations align with industry best practices and your security requirements.
  • Enhanced User Trust: Salesforce Shield guarantees a secure environment with advanced data protection, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and building crucial trust in today's digital landscape.
  • Proactive Security Measures: We're proactive, not just reactive. Continuously monitoring and updating our security practices in response to emerging threats and industry standards keeps us ahead of potential vulnerabilities, ensuring your data is always protected with the latest security technology.

Your data's security is our top priority, and we are dedicated to preserving its integrity every step of the way.

Expert Training: Ensuring Excellence in Research Support

Our team is expertly trained in managing human-related data, ensuring the confidentiality and data integrity in alignment with rigorous academic research standards.


Our team has undergone extensive annual web-based HIPAA training to ensure the protection of personal health information. We prioritize adhering and complying with all regulations and are prepared to meet the specific needs of Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

Protecting Human Subjects

Our professionals are well-versed in ethical research practices, having finished web-based training on Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP). We adhere to Institutional Review Board (IRB) standards to ensure responsible research conduct.

Transcription Services: Precision in Every Word

Experience unmatched accuracy and attention to detail with our transcription services, designed to meet the specific needs of researchers.


Our transcription services are distinguished by a team of seasoned professionals, many with over 15 years of experience in transcribing qualitative interviews.

Their deep understanding of research nuances ensures that every transcript is not just a record but a true reflection of the interview's essence.

We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex terminologies and varied accents, guaranteeing over 99% accuracy.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere words to ensure that your research data is captured with the utmost precision and integrity.

Translation Services: Bridging Language Barriers in Research

Empower your research to resonate across borders with our translation services, designed to help you capture and interpret global data with precision and cultural insight..

Our translation services are anchored by our highly skilled linguists, who specialize in research-oriented translations.

With a focus on maintaining the integrity and context of original material, our translators adeptly handle a diverse range of languages and subject areas.

Whether it's translating research questionnaires, interviews, or complex academic papers, we ensure that every nuance is accurately captured and conveyed.


Our translators' expertise is in language proficiency and understanding cultural nuances, making your research accessible and comprehensible.

Participant Management System: Streamlining Your Research Workflow

Simplify participant management with our tailored CRM solution—effortlessly handle documents, track statuses, and engage participants in one intuitive platform.


Introducing our innovative Participant Management System, a specialized relationship management tool designed exclusively for researchers.

This platform revolutionizes the way you track and manage research participants, offering seamless integration of participant data, documents, and statuses.

Its intuitive interface allows for efficient organization and easy access to crucial information, ensuring that every aspect of participant interaction is meticulously recorded and managed.

Our system simplifies research management complexities, handling tasks like interview scheduling, consent form tracking, and monitoring participant engagement, allowing you to focus on groundbreaking work.

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