Please be aware that our staff will only contact you via email addresses ending in our domain (@thelai.com) and will never request you to fill out forms on websites other than our official site. To avoid falling into traps, please use only our official links. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us through our official chat service or by emailing landmarksupport@thelai.com

Become a transcriptionist, proofer, or translator while working from home.



Flexible Work Schedule You decide when and where to work.


Transparent Compensation Vendors are compensated based on the length of the recorded audio file.


Interesting Topics We specialize in research projects. We'll make sure to send you work of your interest.

Begin working with us in just 2 easy steps

Follow the steps below. Upon completion, we will promptly get in touch with you.

1. Take the Test Please complete the transcription test. Click on the provided links to download the necessary documents and audio files to your hard drive. 01. Instructions 02. Audio Test 03. Landmark Template
2. Answer our questionnaire Complete a brief questionnaire detailing your experience, previous clients, the equipment you use, and your time availability. Additionally, upload your test for our review. Contractors Intake Form ▸


Join Landmark's Team.

Thank you for being interested in working with Landmark Associates.

What People Say?

Landmark has done a great job setting up an efficient process. Navigating through assignments, setting up my availability, and managing invoicing is straightforward and user-friendly. Additionally, the staff's readiness to assist and resolve any questions I have is commendable. - Nancy

Working with you has been a truly enjoyable experience for me. I feel very comfortable in this environment, and I genuinely relish the work I do here.

- Gail

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